A remote theater company that empowers children through interactive and imaginative theater.

Our Mission

In today’s changing social environment, children are faced with the difficult challenge of adapting to new scenarios faster than ever before. They need an outlet, an escape, and a place to explore who they are in an open environment. 

B-side Plays aims to do just that. We are a theatrical company that specializes in interactive and imaginative programming to help children adapt to the changing social conditions they are currently facing. By using drama as an educational tool, we aim to teach tangible coping mechanisms through the lens of a fictional world. 

Emotion Explorers

Ages 4-6

Participants focus on naming the essential emotions felt by characters in the play and explore coping mechanisms through improvisation and puppets.
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Imagination Investigators

Ages 7-9

Participants focus on team building by creating characters with special gifts and put those gifts into action by discovering creative solutions to the conflicts in the script.
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Story Sleuths

Ages 10-13

Participants complete the storyline by creating original characters and conflicts for the purpose of individualizing their personal experiences within a fictional world.
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Meet The Team

Caitlin Ingram

Camp Director

Jacob Priddy

Music Counselor

Lizanne Ingram


Charlie Ingram


Erica Stephan

Counselor, Costume/Prop Designer

Gina Stack


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